Gift Catalog EP

by House Phone

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released December 5, 2011

Little Blue Bedroom Recordings LBB004, recorded at Throwback Media, produced by James Linck, all songs by House Phone except 'Fire Hydrants' by House Phone and Christopher Jarvis and 'Ooo Baby Baby' by Warren Moore and William Robinson courtesy of Jobete Music Co.

House Phone is Stephen Boegehold on drums, Matt Callaway on guitar, Jeff Cuny on bass, James Linck on vocals, and Taylor Pierson on keys.



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House Phone Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Fire Hydrants
are the fire hydrants gushing?
is the fire department closed?
i know how to deep freeze
baby you know how to thaw
but you don't care
is there any way to get you in here

in the heart of the summer
with the windows closed
i don't wanna leave my home
but i don't wanna be alone

and i can unlock my car from the key chain
and tell all my thoughts in a song
i drive around in circles
baby you drive me insane
but you don't care
is there any way to get you in here

and the electric outage is all around us now
Track Name: Smokey Robinson
i'm so
hung up on you leaving me
just staring at the ceiling see
i'm trying to decide
if this is real life

so i cried 'til i ran outta breath
then i played that smokey robinson
like ooo ooo ooo baby baby
hundreds of times

but i'm still
pacing back and forth
waiting for your call
and choking on my pride
this is real life

we'll always be the way we were when we first...
yeah i know
Track Name: 1000 Years
i got my feet
always slipping out from underneath me
i got my hands
always reaching out for something bad
i got my head
always counting digits and making figures
and all that shit
it means nothing

cause who really knows if they did the right thing they should
and who's gonna care in a 1000 years
and who really knows if they did the right thing they should
and who's gonna care who ain't standing here

i got my doubts
hanging over my right shoulder
i got my luck
on my left
yeah my better half
has been picking sides

to those who are still standing here
i hope you find love and it's real
to those who are still standing here
making friends and drinking beer
Track Name: Crayons
i know my fate like my name
now don't you try to complicate my day
i ain't trying to say it's all black and white
what's wrong often feels right

some folks just don't understand
how to color with an 8 pack of crayons

i said it once say it again
i don't know where i begin and this ends
i ain't trying to say i've lost my way
if i'm lost it's only for today